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24 Animals That Are Too Tired To Animal

Being tired is exhausting. Don't be like that. Juiced Up is here to save the day!

1. You know when you're starting to get tired.

2. All the signs are there.

3. You're groggy...

4. ...and no matter how hard you try, you just can't...

5. ...stop...

6. ...yawning.

7. It's unbearable.

8. You try to stay awake...

9. ...but it's really, really hard.

10. Sometimes you can't even make it through dinner.

11. You may not even know that dinner is served.

hery kurniawan / cc /

12. You just can't stop yourself.

13. You. Just. CAN'T.

14. There are plenty of awkward places to doze off.

15. You definitely don't want to fall asleep at the office...

16. ...or on an armrest.

17. Especially if you're prone to sleepwalking.

18. No matter how sleepy you are...

19. want to get someplace comfortable ASAP.

20. A bed is ideal.

21. But a paper towel will do.

22. You just want someplace cozy...

23. ...before this happens:

super funny/ cc /

24. And hopefully a friend will wake you up.

When you've run out of energy, Juiced Up to the rescue!

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