Bizarre Sculptures Across The World

Art has always been a medium of revolution and so these sculptures are showcasing. Enjoy the list of 10 bizarre sculptures across the World composed by Nishi Jain.

1. 1. Bathing Lady, Germany - 67-feet long lady bathing in the lake of Hamburg

3. 2. Bull Fart Sculpture, China - by Chen Wenling represents the Wall Street

4. 3. Walking to the Sky, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania - Office-goers walking to office

5. 4. Giant Naked Buddhas Jumping over Wall, China

6. 5. Hollow Men, France - Named as the “Les Voyageurs”, they might not seem as exactly inspiring to the everyday office-goer

8. 6. Underwater Civilization, Mexico - World’s largest underwater museum

10. 7. Nation for Itself Forever, Prague - Statue by David Cerny which was installed atop the National Theatre on the bank of River Vltava

11. 8. Land Swimmer, England

12. 9. Traffic Light Tree, London - Located in a financial district of London

13. 10. Vomiting Fountain Sculpture, London

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