28 Things Mothers Understand All Too Well

It takes one to know one.

1. When your child (at any age) needs your undivided attention.

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2. When your kid fakes being sick to get out of going to school because they’re just too tired to get out of bed.

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3. And you let them stay home anyway.

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4. What it feels like to wake up five times in the middle of the night.

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5. And make sure your newborn baby is actually sleeping through the night.

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6. You know there are tiny butterflies in your child’s stomach on their first day of kindergarten.

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7. And you feel giant ones yourself as you walk away and leave them.

8. You know how scary it is to leave your child for their first slumber party.

“Do I trust these people? Is my child going to be safe? WHAT WAS I THINKING?!”

9. The anxiety you feel when your child doesn’t answer your text or phone call for a few hours.

10. And you automatically assume the worst, proceeding to call and text everyone they know.

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11. When your kids are away at college, you especially jump at every phone call you receive.

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12. Moms know that “I think something I ate last night made me feel sick” is code for “I drank too much last night and am hungover.”

13. When your child’s heart gets broken and you wish you could fix it for them.

14. And how sad they feel when their friends leave them out.

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15. Your kids can never seem to find anything until they ask you.

16. And they stand in front of the open refrigerator, waiting for something to pop out at them.

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17. You can tell, even thousands of miles away, when your child is feeling sad.

18. And you ALWAYS know when they’re lying.

19. But never call them out on it because the truth always comes out.

20. When your kids go away to college and you have to be strong in front of them (so they can be sad, if they need to be).

21. But the car ride home is another story.

22. Every mother knows how important it is to evenly distribute gifts during the holidays and birthdays.

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23. The most common words you hear in the morning are: “Just five more minutes!”

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24. When you find out they had a party while you were away from home and manage not to ground them forever.

25. Even though you still find remnants of the party for months later.

26. You know you would go to any lengths to protect your child.

27. And most importantly, moms understand the heart of their child.

28. Because once a person becomes a mother, a piece of her own heart is taken and shared with a love like they will never feel for another human being.

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