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    • judyj

      um, Song of the South? Never released to VHS, DVD, and generally hidden from public but still inspired Splash Mountain and features the song Zip-a-dee-do-dah.

    • judyj

      SO ANGRY AT THIS. Ok so #7 and #9 are bad and don’t reflect well on us, but all the rest are because MY GENERATION HAS BEEN SCREWED (sorry, but true) BY THE ECONOMY AND BABY-BOOMER GENERATION. Do they really think that we Millennials wouldn’t like to have homes, cars, be able to afford a wedding, etc? I don’t want to be almost 30 and still living the lifestyle of a 19 year old! But we can’t do those things because of crippling student loans and a low economy that has prevented us from being well-paid, if employed at all. Baby-boomers, I blame YOU for ruining things and planting this notion in our minds that college will help us get ahead when it doesn’t due to the things YOU did to ruin our economy and make our college degrees inflated high school diplomas. If you want the economy to pick up, RETIRE WHY DON’T YOU so that we CAN have a place at the table. Oh, also, #7 and #9, kinda caused by BAD UPBRINGING from helicopter parents who didn’t teach their kids to think for themselves rather than wait for someone else to fix things. *Angrily shakes fist at old people*

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