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Watch Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 8: The Pointy End Online

Events in King's Landing take an unexpected turn. Tyrion Lannister joins his father's army as the stage is set for a major confrontation.

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    Explaining that the future of the Lannisters is at stake, Tywin presses Jaime to “be the man you were meant to be” as they prepare for battle. Ned confronts Cersei about the secrets that killed Jon Arryn. With the fate of the missing Benjen very much on his mind, Jon takes his Night’s Watch vows, though not with the assignment he coveted. After Ser Jorah saves Daenerys from treachery, an enraged Drogo vows to lead the Dothraki where they’ve never gone before. An injured Robert takes pains to ensure an orderly transition at King’s Landing. Reinstated as the Hand, Ned sits for the King while Robert is on a hunt. Ned issues a decree that could have long-term consequences throughout the Seven Kingdoms. At the Eyrie, Tyrion confesses to his “crimes,” and demands that Lysa give him a trial by combat. Joffrey apologizes to Sansa; Viserys receives his final payment for Daenerys from Drogo. King Robert decides to kill Daenerys and her unborn child, but Ned disagrees. Arya overhears a plot against her father. Sansa is charmed by 'Knight of the Flowers'. Tyrion helps Catelyn, but they receive a cold welcome at the Eyrie from her sister, Jon Arryn’s widow Lysa. News about Tyrion's capture provoke a Ser Jaime to settle his bills with Lord Stark. Tyrion Lannister gives Bran a special gift. King will host a tournament in Eddard's honor. Ned looks for clues to the death of Jon Arryn and descovers one of King's bastards. Viserys tells a story about the Targaryen dragons and his own destiny. Catelyn and Ser Rodrik's short visit to the Crossroads Inn will have huge consequences.