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    • judahk

      I was offended the minute I saw grits on the list! and I knew I was going to like this list. But SERIOUSLY!? Chicken and waffles!? Chicken Fried steak?! Gumbo!? Fry Sauce!? MAYO?! what the hell people…?
      and for the record…for a chicken fried steak to be proper it should be made out of Cube Steak which is yes a STEAK…granted its a cheaper tougher cut of meat pounded and tenderized to make it into a steak but it is definitely beef, and definitely cut into a steak. so eff off you southern haters that shit is delicious.

    • judahk

      ok…what about the idea that the Creation “story” is just that the story of evolution, told to people in terms that they could understand? to me this is how “Theistic Evolution” should be viewed. We should all understand by now that Stories were the way people passed down experience, the way people kept a history. But lets say God set evolution in motion, and the first people were eventually created…How could they possibly understand the process of the worlds creation if they didn’t have the scientific understanding that we have now, put simply they were not evolved enough to understand, simple minds need simple explanations. Granted its just my personal opinion. But that is how I like to blend the two. God could have very well set evolution in motion. As it has been discussed on here, the big bang theory is something many evolutionists are moving away from because the “something out of nothing” idea cannot hold water. There is just too much evidence in our world today to say things can just appear. So with that being said, I challenge you “creationists” are you limiting God by saying he could have only created the world by using the method in Genesis?

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