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    • Jucar

      Ok so this wasn’t really me meeting a celebrity but I still get made fun of for it My brother (a cop) was working a detail at the Taylor Swift 1989 concert last summer. I had randomly gotten cheap tickets the day of and decided to just go by myself because I was in love with her and none of my friends were around. Because it was just me my brother was able to pull some strings and get me on the floor seats!!!  Afterwards I followed him backstage, which is where he had to check out. As we’re walking back there I see her. Freaking Taylor Swift! She’s taking a picture with one of the opening acts and there’s no one else around. So naturally I break into a full on sprint to go meet her. One thing leads to another and I’m getting held back by security until my brother finally catches up and by then she’s walking away and I was too awkward to yell her name

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