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    • Jube

      I think SNL’s focus should be hiring the best live performing comedians they can, not trying to fill a quota of the requisite type of person. I think the thought process this article has risks the slippery slope that leads to “Token ____ Person” parts.
      When you go down that road, couldn’t you argue they need some Asians or handicapped people too (Not to say that these would be problems, but it doesn’t seem anyone is crying out for that)? What if I think there should be a quarter Native American, Part Jewish, Part Moroccan vegan on SNL’s cast? I’m sure someone at least sort of like that exists? Where are those articles on Buzzfeed?
      Again, their focus should be hiring genuinely funny people who can perform well live with a cast first, then getting into diversity semantics after talent has been considered. Hiring based off of talent would actually be the most equality motivated way to cast of all, because talent knows no race or particular origin at all.

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