Mexican World Cup Players Can’t Have Sex Or Eat Meat

Head coach Miguel Herrera doesn’t want his players scoring off the field.

Henry Romero / Reuters

Mexico’s national team strategy heading into the 2014 World Cup is all about being aggressive: A 5-3-2 formation, swift starts, and… pent-up sexual and gastronomic frustration?

2. Head coach Miguel “El Piojo” Herrera has banned his players from eating red meat and discouraged them from having sex in the days leading up to the tournament in Brazil.

A move that has some questioning whether the smiles in this epic selfie are feigned.

3. The ban on beef is actually precautionary.

Elena Gonzalez Saravia Calderón/Elena Gonzalez Saravia Calderón

In 2011, five Mexico players tested positive for a muscle-building drug called clenbuterol, which apparently has been used in Mexico to fatten cattle.

4. The players were eventually cleared by the Mexican Football Federation and the World Anti-Doping Agency, but Herrera isn’t taking any chances this time around.


“Our training center has determined, based on what happened in the past, that red meat shouldn’t be eaten,” he said, depriving the poor guys of this for the next month.

5. All players, including the ones who are married and whose spouses will be at the tournament, have also been discouraged from engaging in any sexual activity.

Amy Sussman / Getty Images

Which also sucks if you’re Jaydy Michel.

6. “Nope, nobody,” Herrera told the Mexican newspaper Reforma. “If a player can’t go one month or 20 days without having sexual relations, he isn’t ready to be a professional.”

Henry Romero / Reuters

“I am thinking about soccer and I hope that the boys are thinking about soccer because nobody has died from practicing abstinence for 40 days,” Herrera said.

7. So score one for Mexico, guys. But ONLY do it on the field.

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