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Steps To Succeeding In The Creative Process

These are all the steps you need to succeed in the Creative Process in ESP 103. Hope my tips help!

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Collaborate With Your Peers

Although this collaboration agreement isn't exactly how the work was split up with my group throughout the semester, it helped us through the creative process. Recognizing our different strengths before we took on the BQ challenge was extremely important. Looking back on this, it was very accurate. The work was always split up extremely even between all group members but everyone did have their different strengths. We all had a common goal and were consistently giving constructive and positive feedback to each other. We had strong communication skills and were always willing to take risks. All of these things is what made our group succeed through the collaboration process.

Create A Landscape

Creating a Landscape is a very important aspect in the creative process. Doing it in the beginning of the process is also extremely helpful and is a good way for you to start creating ideas. Before you get started with the brainstorming process, analyzing and researching the issue is the first thing to do. Also, knowing what is changing in the industry is very beneficial.

FAIL Sometime Along The Way


Failure is something that scared me before this class, but now I am proud to say I have realized it's good to fail sometimes. Throughout the creative process, I found how important it was to go above and beyond and take risks. I was going to put a picture of my failure log that I created in this class, but I admire this quote. Especially in ESP 103, it's important to know it's okay to have ideas that won't work. Having unrealistic ideas is a way to guide you to your end goal. Not only did this benefit me in this class, but also in general. I specifically remember in this class I realized I don't take risks because I'm afraid to be wrong. Now, I believe taking risks and failing is what will lead me to success.

Create A Mind Map

The Mind Map activity is one of my favorite things we did in this class. I had never heard of this creative process before, but I loved it. I like this because not only am I a visual learner, but I also love drawing out my ideas. It made me realize how easily one thought can lead to a whole new idea. I even enjoyed this process so much that I made a Mind Map for my Portfolio 2. Using a Mind Map is a good process to use when you're stuck on an idea. It helps branch out your original ideas to thoughts you would have never thought to think of.

Use The Lotus Flower Method

This specific method is how my group came to our final idea. Kind of similar to the Mind Map, it enabled my group and I to think of ideas we would have never thought of. I Included a photo of the start to our Lotus Flower method in which we found our end idea. In this process, we had crazy ideas that were extremely unrealistic, but it led us to an idea we all loved. This was one of my favorite processes we learned how to do in the class. Not only will I use this method in ESP 103, but I will continue to use it in other classes when necessary.

Gather Empathy Insights

Gathering empathy insights really enabled me to engage in the creative process. Interviewing people at Kroger was something out of my comfort zone, but the creative process helped me break out of my shell and not be fearful. Interacting with other people during this process was something that enabled me to grow not only in ESP 103 but as person.

Tell A Story

Painting a picture of our whole idea enable my group and I's idea to become even stronger. We were able to create a "character" and even a slogan line for our solution for Kroger. Drawing out our idea and creating a story out of it made it even stronger. Although this story is a bit unrealistic (McDonalds blowing up) it made our idea more creative and we were able to build it even stronger. I believe this is something extremely important to do when going through the creative process.

Pitch Your Ideas To Other Classmates


Pitching your idea to your classmates can be extremely intimidating, but also extremely important in the creative process. Pitch Box enabled me to experience new ideas and take on challenges. My team and I got constructive feedback and got a bit defeated. We then realized it was a good thing for us, and it only made our idea stronger and more creative.

Prototype An Object

This prototype I created really pushed me to do the best I could. At first, I just made a sketch of a water bottle but I wasn't satisfied with it. I knew that I could push myself to go farther and the creative process really made me realize this. I wanted to do more than just a sketch, so I created a video. I also wanted to do something that I would actually use so I created "Insta-Dry". This prototype pushed me to do the best I could do and not be fearful of that. To see the whole video of the Prototype, go to this website:

SMILE A Little!

Although this is something I knew how to do before this class, my team and I learned it's OKAY to smile! Eyman was always telling us to "smile a little" and this helped our group get extremely close. By the end of the BQ challenge, my team and I weren't only classmates but we were also good friends. I believe ESP 103 was the reason for most of this because we all became extremely comfortable with each other after this class.

End Goal


As you can see, the creative process brought me through all of these things and more. Each of these processes benefited me not only in ESP 103 but as a person outside of school. It pushed me to work my absolute hardest and realize when I knew I could do better. I believe realizing you can do better is extremely hard to do but this process made me realize it will only enable me to succeed more. ESP 103 brought out the creative side I never thought I had and pushed me to my strongest ability. Like Eyman told us at the beginning of the class, everyone is born creative.

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