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    • jth5t

      I have to say that I agree with Stagliano. Technically speaking, “porn stars” are paid to filmed, not to have sex. I don’t see how the government can require two consenting adults to wear a condom while having sex. It’s ridiculous. As far as profits are concerned, quite frankly, unprotected sex is what most people want to see when they watch porn. It’s all part of the fantasy, or the art, that is depicted on the screen. It’s understandable that the porn industry wouldn’t want to eliminate scenes without condoms. It’s a money maker. I’m in no way condoning unprotected sex, but I feel like the performers have the right to not use condoms if they don’t want to. They’re adults. They can make that decision. The government shouldn’t be able to have a say in anyone’s sex life, whether it’s filmed or not.

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