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UCF Student Found Dead In Dorm Room With Explosives, Assault Weapon, Handgun

Hundreds of students were evacuated, but there does not appear to be an "immediate threat" on campus, officials said.

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Around 12:20 a.m. Monday, police at the University of Central Florida received a fire alarm call from residence hall Tower 1. On their way to the 500-student dorm, officers reportedly got another call about a man with a gun. At the scene, they found a man dead inside one of the bedrooms. He had apparently shot himself.

Surrounding the man — who is a student, the Orlando Sentinel reports — were four improvised explosive devices (IEDs), a handgun, and an assault weapon.

The dorm was evacuated, and Monday morning classes were canceled. Fox 35 reporters on the scene characterized students as "frustrated, tired, and very scared or concerned."


From the Associated Press:

[University of Central Florida ] Spokesman Grant Heston says that materials found in the dorm room made it appear that a wider attack was planned.

Police say he pulled a gun on another student, who then called police.

Heston says the university was in the process of removing the 30-year-old student from the dorm before Monday ... Beary says he believes that the dead student pulled a fire alarm in the dorm to get other students out in the open for an attack.

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