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    The "Veronica Mars" Movie Might Actually Happen, Thanks To Kickstarter Campaign

    Creator Rob Thomas (this one, not that one) took to Kickstarter Wednesday, meeting his $2 million goal within hours.

    "Veronica Mars," the mid-2000s teen detective show, is finally becoming a movie.

    A Mars movie has been rumored FOREVER.

    The series was cancelled at the end of its third season in 2007, but the finale didn't feel very final.

    Despite fan/cast/crew/world enthusiasm for one last goodbye, Warner Brothers never got on board with the idea of a feature film.

    Still, fans held out hope.

    And now, thanks to a booming Kickstarter campaign, it looks like the movie will be filmed this summer for a 2014 release.

    Just before 9 p.m. Eastern time, the campaign met its fundraising goal of $2 million.

    Hear that, "Veronica Mars" fans?

    More Keith!

    More Wallace!

    More Veronica!

    More Logan!

    But more importantly...

    More Veronica AND Logan.

    One more time.


    OK, I'm done.

    Really, I promise.