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    The Miami Cannibal Victim Speaks

    And his account of the attack is just about as horrifying as you'd expect. (Warning: Graphic content. Obviously.)

    On July 19, nearly two months after he was attacked by alleged zombie Rudy Eugene, Ronald Poppo recounted the attack in detail to police. CBS Miami obtained the audio and transcript. Here's what Poppo, who's still being treated at Miami's Perdue Medical Center, had to say:

    “He attacked me. He just ripped me to ribbons. He chewed up my face. He plucked out my eyes... Basically that’s all there is to say about it.”

    “He mashed my face into the sidewalk. My face is all bent, mashed up. My eyes, my eyes got plucked out. He was strangling me in wrestling holds. At the same time, he was picking my eyes out.”

    “For a very short amount of time, I thought he was a good guy. But he just went and turned berserk. He apparently didn’t have a good day at the beach and he – he was coming back. And I guess he took it out, took it out on me or something. I don’t know.”

    Hear the audio or read the full transcript.