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    No, Solange Didn't Delete Beyoncé From Her Instagram

    Reports of the feud between sisters have been greatly exaggerated.

    Not long after TMZ published footage apparently showing Solange Knowles attack Jay Z in an elevator on the night of the Met Gala, rumors began spreading of a feud between Solange and Beyoncé. The latest — that Solange deleted all photos of her sister from her Instagram — is verifiably false.

    Solange lives in New Orleans with her son, and her Instagram has never had many photos of Bey. The sisters typically only post photos of each other when they're on family vacation, performing together, or celebrating birthdays or #tbt.

    This photo Solange posted on the night of the Met Gala does appear to have been deleted.

    The source link is dead, though it's not clear when Solange deleted the image of the sisters with Lupita Nyong'o.

    According to TIME – and New York, Gawker, New York Daily News, Radar, Rolling Stone, and more — this is the "Only Photo of Beyoncé Left on Solange’s Instagram."

    Not quite. Here are three more.

    Solange hasn't said why she deleted the Met Gala photo, but it's just as likely that she's trying to fend off trolls as it is she did it out of anger. Here's what her comments look like right now:

    UPDATE: It appears that Solange deleted more recent Instagrams on Wednesday, though none were photos of Beyoncé.

    Beyoncé, meanwhile, posted several photos in a row of her and Solange.