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New Details Emerge In Oscar Pistorius Murder Case

Shocking witness reports, "herbal remedies," and empty bladders. Dispatches from Pistorius' bail hearing.

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Witnesses apparently heard two to three shots and saw the lights in Pistorius' window come on. They heard a woman scream, then heard two to three more shots fired 17 minutes later. According to prosecutors, these witnesses also heard "non-stop shouting."

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The defense countered that the bedroom is "pitch dark" when the curtains and blinds are closed. The witness also didn't say whether she heard the voices of Pistorius or Steenkamp specifically.

There was also a dispute about how far away the witness lived — 300 meters or 600 meters.


Botha also testified about arriving at Pistorius' house early that morning. He saw Steenkamp in white shorts and a black vest at the bottom of the stairs. She was shot in the head, arm and hip, and was covered in towels.

Her body showed no sign of assault or struggle, as the defense lawyer pointed out.

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In the bedroom, there were two BlackBerrys. None of the four phones were used to call police.


While searching Pistorius' home, police also found testosterone and needles, as well as unlicensed ammunition, which Pistorius may face charges for. But his defense lawyer says the testosterone was an herbal remedy, not a banned steroid.

"If you fire straight at the door, you miss the toilet," he said. "I believe he knew she was in the bathroom and fired four shots and killed her."

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Roux says she locked herself in the bathroom not because she was afraid of Pistorius, but because she heard her boyfriend scream. Roux asked Botha if he found any evidence indicating Pistorius' story was not true, or that Steenkamp and Pistorius were not in love — Botha said no.