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    "Mittformer" Action Figure Mocks Romney Flip-Flopping

    "Mittformer, the power to change at super-speeds. / Mittformer, the ability to say whatever he needs."

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    Mittformer creator Erik Selekman gave BuzzFeed some background on the video:

    I am a writer and teacher living in Los Angeles. The idea came to me during last fall's GOP debates when Romney's flip-flopping was front and center. It seemed so obvious and almost innocent that I thought a great way to capture it would be through a super hero action figure. The process took a while and [I] was able to get friends (some in the "industry") to mostly donate time and talents. The doll was created by an artist friend, Brian Mallman. The song by a music friend, Mike Ruekberg and so on. It was shot in the backyard of some friends in Hollywood. The result, hopefully, is a viral video that has an impact on the election and crystallizes Romney's flip-flopping for the "undecided."

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