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Livestrong Charity Asks For Donations Day After Scandal, Doesn't Mention Lance Armstrong

In an email, the CEO urges Livestrong's community to "pull together."

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The email — subject line "Time to Show Our Strength" — was sent to mailing list subscribers Thursday morning. Armstong stepped down as Livestrong chairman on Wednesday.

The email doesn't mention Armstrong, and a spokeswoman for Livestrong would not say whether the donation drive was meant to combat any fallout from the charity founder's doping scandal.

Rather, she told BuzzFeed, the drive was a response to the increase in donations Livestrong has received in recent months — and the "show of support we have experienced over the last 24 hours," as Ulman wrote.

"It told us that people throughout the U.S. wanted to express their support for our mission – serving people and families affected by cancer," said Katherine McLain, vice president of communications for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. "We decided to make it easy for them to do just that with an organized drive."

Livestrong sends out a few emails to subscribers each month. The last one came on Oct. 2.

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