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The Mysterious Case Of The Mona Lisa Prequel

A long-lost set of diaries could finally confirm whether a controversial Mona Lisa prequel is real. Key word: long-lost.

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In late September, the Mona Lisa Foundation presented historical and scientific evidence that it believed verified this version of Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo da Vinci 10 years before the "Joconde" at the Louvre.

Monday, another piece of evidence was revealed — sort of.

An expert told Reuters that a package of diaries from British collector Hugh Blaker that disappeared in the 1960s could prove the date of the prequel Mona Lisa.

The problem? They're still nowhere to be found. The diaries were apparently sent to a Washington, D.C., address that never even existed. And later diaries from Blaker somehow ended up in a junk shop.

Whether or not the diaries actually exist, the Mona Lisa prequel remains controversial.