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Connecticut Woman Arrested After Threatening Newtown-Style Shooting On Facebook

Stupid? Crazy? Both? Amanda Bowden's home was searched by the FBI and she has since been charged with plotting a “suicidal bombing and mass shooting.”

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This is Amanda Bowden, a 19-year-old from Connecticut. She was arrested Wednesday after apparently threatening to commit a Newtown-style "mass shooting" at Gateway Community College, which she doesn't attend, according to law enforcement. She also posted a photo of herself brandishing a gun (above), which has since been deleted.

Federal agents searched her home and found probable cause to arrest her for attempting to damage and destroy with explosives, according to the New Haven Independent.

The college released the following statement:

On Feb. 5, GCC President Dorsey L. Kendrick was contacted by New Haven Chief of Police Dean Esserman, who informed Kendrick that the FBI discovered that a woman posted threats against the college on her Facebook page. Chief Esserman and GCC security had been contacted by the FBI, and were told that there was no imminent danger as a result of the post, but an investigation was underway. The chief requested that Dr. Kendrick and GCC security keep the matter confidential until the investigation was complete. The president, Administrative Dean Lou D'Antonio, and security staff continued to monitor the situation with the New Haven Police Department until they were informed that the woman ..., who is not a Gateway student and has no apparent links to the college, had been taken into custody and booked on state and federal charges.

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