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    Bullied Girl Nominated For Homecoming Royalty As Joke Becomes Homecoming Royalty For Real

    A teen movie plot basically came to life. And 16-year-old Whitney Kropp looked stunning.

    After Whitney Kropp's 800 classmates nominated the "free spirit" for homecoming court as a cruel prank, Kropp's small Michigan town rallied around her, donating services and apparel and promising to turn out to support her on the big night.

    Detroit News, John M. Galloway / AP

    Whitney Kropp and Josh Awrey, both sophomores.

    Kropp decided to go along with it, fighting back against the people who teased her.

    Detroit News, John M. Galloway / AP

    It could have been a high-school horror story, but Friday's homecoming celebration ended up — as The Detroit News pointed out — like "Carrie with a happy ending."

    Detroit News, John M. Galloway / AP

    Kropp and her father.