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Andrew W.K. Offers "His Side" Of Canceled Bahrain Invitation Controversy

The “Party Til You Puke" musician still isn't happy his invitation to participate in a State Department cultural exchange was rescinded.

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After a series of angry Facebook updates, Andrew W.K. has released a full statement on "his side of the State Dept. controversy."

W.K. claims to have received an e-mail from the U.S. Department of State in September 2011 asking that he deliver a motivational lecture in Bahrain. He accepted, and his appearance was scheduled for Dec. 1 after a lengthy approval process.

On Monday morning, he was sent his official itinerary. Later that day, he was notified by phone that the trip had been canceled because of some "higher level controversy." W.K. wasn't given a specific reason, but State Department spokesman Noel Clay later told Salon that the invitation was “a mistake and not appropriate.”