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Beauty Queen Recovers From Horrific Accident, Had Skull Implanted In Stomach

See the amazing photos of Jamie Hilton's recovery — from the surgery that put a piece of her skull in her stomach to her inspiring appearance on the Today show.

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On June 6, former Mrs. Idaho Jamie Hilton fell off a concrete platform while salmon fishing with her husband, Nick, and her brother-in-law.

According to a blog post written later by her brother-in-law, Hilton fell 10-12 feet, landing on her back on two large rocks.

No blood. No broken bones. She was non-responsive and was not breathing. Nick began to pick her up and she began to breathe again ... [At the hospital] Jamie underwent a CT scan and immediate surgery to relieve the pressure of the cranial cavity on the brain. A portion of her skull was removed to allow for the swelling.

Her family continued chronicling Hilton's progress on the blog:



But she wasn't out of the woods yet. The piece of skull that was removed in her first surgery was stored in her stomach. As Hilton's surgeon Dr. Thomas Manning told Today: “The body keeps the bone sterile. And then when you’re ready to put the bone back you have it right there.”