8 Super-Stylish Pope Benedict Accessories We’ll Miss

Good-bye, red “Prada” loafers. A look back at the man named Esquire’s Accessorizer of the Year 2007.

1. The Camauro

Though it might look like a Santa hat, the Camauro is more like a mortarboard for high-ranking clergymen. It was last worn by Pope John XXIII in 1963, but was brought back by Benedict in 2005.

2. The Shades

Are they Gucci? Serengeti? Either way, they break tradition in a very Bond way.

3. The Red Loafers

Red outdoor shoes have been part of the pope’s wardrobe for centuries, but recent popes have altered them — to play down the bright color — or altogether abandoned them. Like with the Camauro, Benedict brought the shoes back with a vengeance — they even earned him a nod in 2007 from Esquire as “Accessorizer of the Year.” There are rumors the shoes are Prada loafers, but the Vatican has repeatedly insisted they are made by Italian cobbler Adriano Stefanelli.

4. Eau de Pope

Last year, Benedict commissioned a fragrance from Italian perfume designer Silvana Casoli, who’s also created scents for Madonna, Katy Perry, and Sting. The fragrance is exclusive for the Pope, but reportedly smells like “lime tree, verbena, and grass.”

5. Blue Chasubles

On a visit to Austria in 2007, the pope wore blue robes — not common or even allowed in some dioceses. TIME points out that the Pope’s chasubles weren’t only blue, but also had a pretty wild abstract pattern.

6. Belstaff Outerwear

Last year, Michele and Manuele Malenotti, owners of high-end Italian fashion house Belstaff, presented the pope with a “unique, contemporary and exclusive parka and jacket.”

7. The Baseball Cap

File / Reuters

Another tradition-breaker.

8. And The Sombrero



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