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    4 Easy Ways To Be Ryan Lochte For Halloween

    Grillz, goggles and everything else you need to dress up like a man who might not know the letter "y" exists. #JEAH

    1. You Can Be Medal-Winning Ryan Lochte

    If you want to go all out, here's the exact jacket, pants and shoes worn by Olympians on the winners' podium. (Look on eBay for inexpensive replica medals.)

    But you can also go cheap(er) with this copycat swag. (Jacket, pants and shoes.)

    Unfortunately, Lochte's American flag grill was custom made for him (for $25,000). But this one on Amazon looks pretty close.

    2. Too Straight-Laced? Party With Prince Harry As Vegas Ryan Lochte

    Unfortunately, the Star Water Brief from Speedo's Endurance line is no longer available.

    But you can make your own with a blue sharpie, star stencil and plain pink speedo (like this one).

    Champagne = essential prop.

    3. Or, Go As Serious-Competitor Ryan Lochte

    This is probably the easiest version of Halloween Lochte. All you need is a swim cap, long speedo and goggles. (Don't forget to draw on the tattoo.)

    If you're not quite swimsuit ready for Halloween, there's always Lochte's $29.99 Hard-CORE workout video.

    4. Want Something More Clothed? Work The Room As "Rockstar Swagger" Ryan Lochte


    Pair a red leather vest and black leather pants with black sneakers and T-shirt.

    And don't forget the shades — available for $14.99 in 14 different combinations. Jeah.

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