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    22 Things To Make Your Home More Art Deco

    Bring a taste of Gatsby's eclectic mansion into your more humble abode.

    For The Kitchen, Buy...

    1. These Storage Tins

    2. This Scale

    3. These Tea Cups

    4. This Juicer

    5. These mixing bowls

    6. These Chairs

    7. This Cook Book

    8. This Timer

    For The Living Room, Get...

    9. These Lamps

    10. This Room Divider

    11. This Chair

    12. This Rug

    13. This Drink Cart

    14. This Telephone

    15. This Couch

    And For The Bedroom...

    16. This Headboard

    17. These Nightstands

    18. This Blanket

    19. These Boudoir Lamps

    20. These Boudoir Chairs

    21. This Vanity

    22. This Vanity Set

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