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10 Parks And Recreation Spin Offs We'd All Watch

For those of us that refuse to accept the end is near.

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Treatin' Myself


Donna hosts this MTV dating show straight from the inside of her Mercedes Benz M-Class. She cruises around Pawnee with 5 single dudes in tow until they lose her interest and are kicked to the curb. The lucky man remaining at the end of the night gets to watch her eat cupcakes. Co-hosted and sitting in the trunk is Chris Hardwick (along with his hair from the 90s) .

The Traegers


In this TLC mini-series, Chris and Ann take their 5 kids on a 6 month hike along the Pacific Crest Trail. They learn lessons about love, family, and the importance of staying positive (except for Ann, Ann refuses to always be positive). Leslie appears in a crossover episode where she tries to set up one of her sons with Ann and Chris’s daughter by making him memorize the nutrition facts of a granola bar.

Full House: The Remake

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April and Andy move into Leslie and Ben's attic to help raise the triplets while Tom spends most nights in their basement working on his aspiring stand up comic career. Have Mercy.

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