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10 More Texts Ted Cruz Asked Be Sent To 33733

In his announcement for presidential run, Ted Cruz asked his audience of Liberty University students to text the words “Constitution” or “Imagine” to an unexplained number. Here are a couple of other text requests he probably made after that sweet country music jam and heavily practiced kissing sequence.

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1. Your Routing Number

2. "Strawberry Fields," "Eleanor Rigby" or "Yellow Submarine"

Dylan Martinez / Reuters / Via

3. A list of other schools with required assemblies, preferably with names like American Values College or Strict Borders University.

4. Pictures of my backside. That is if you got a good look at it, I wasn't sure.

5. Any statement with the words "hate" and "homosexuality". It doesn't have to be in that order, just whatever you feel like.

� Joe Mitchell / Reuters

6. A noun, an adjective and a verb. I’m gonna do a mad lib after this.

7. Any knowledge on the current whereabouts of my father. He seems to have left again.

8. #NOThanksObama. You get it? It's like Thanks Obama, but not.

9. Anyone you know in the area that offers smiling lessons.

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