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    • Jsphanson

      They used to be way better quality, things I bought there in the 90s are still intact and look better than things I bought 2 years ago! At the end of the day if your product sucks people won’t buy it, target has cheaper clothing that sometimes serious is better quality than these places. Money is tight I don’t want to buy a shirt that falls apart after one wash. It’s just dumb. No thanks.   The smell is so off putting. And the CEO really did say some atrocious stupid things. He easily could have turned it into a health issue stating that he wants to promote healthy living and take a stance against obesity. Which really is an issue. There are more overweight and obese people than healthy ones because the food system is all screwed up and people aren’t realizing what they consume is destroying their minds and bodies. I do believe we should have an issue for these things but mostly because it’s just good to be healthy, many mental and physical illness are rooted in food issues…. Which costs the tax payers money when it is their money paying for these people’s health care costs. Instead he came out as such a bigot spreading more hatred and not education. Most people just don’t know. Also the damn chemicals they pump through that place smells awful and probably kills your brain cells lol, I get dizzy if I’m in there too long between that crap, the lack of light and blaring music.

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