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11 Santa Pics That Will Make You Cringe

The Jolly Fat man doesn't always take perfect pictures.

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This santa who took his Sleigh, a little too high...

This Santa, who is ok with Band members, and Speedos.

This santa, whose beard is too big for his face.

This Santa, who forgot his hat and coat, the things that make him Santa.

This Santa, who is a badass. Period.

This Santa, who has managed to make 3 children cry at once, as a gothic soldier stares him down.

This Girl, who wants NOTHING to do with this Santa.

This Santa, who believes, tis the season of robbing.

This Santa, who seems to be Dustin Hoffmans' Hook underneath that beard.

This Santa, who likes to mock fearful children.

This Santa, who needs two extra reindeer pulling his sleigh.

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