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    Aug 6, 2015

    10 Best Whataburger Tweets Of All Time

    In Honor of Whataburger's 65th Anniversary

    1. When Whataburger had some words of advice for Meek Mill

    Meek Mill take it from us- if you gonna serve beef serve it high quality

    They're definitely #TeamDrake

    2. When they made your One Direction dreams come true

    #TBT When @Harry_Styles ate at Whataburger #WelcomeBackToTexas1D

    Harry was definitely there for the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit #HBCB

    3. When they announced their highly anticipated mixtape

    4. When they combined two Texas treasures

    Via Twitter: @whataburger

    Whataburger + Beyoncè = ❤️

    5. When They Trolled the Trolls

    This burger is for the trolls.Trolls are always hungry & need to be fed.

    Via Twitter: @Whataburger


    People at #ComicCon2015 wish they be like...

    Via Twitter: @Whataburger

    7. When they gave you the perfect relationship advice

    #LastRelationshipTaughtMe to only date people who love Whataburger as much as I do

    8. When they were #Done

    To the people stealing our Tea Urns-This is why you can’t have nice things. #YallChildish

    9. When they gave you college advice

    #FreshmanAdvice Pick the dorm that's closest to Whataburger 🏫🍔🍟

    10. When they understood your summer struggle

    How you know it's starting to get hot in Texas

    hotter than the spicy ketchup

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