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30 Things I Would Tell My Child Self

Read this at your own risk because you're about to feel extremely nostalgic. You've been warned...

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1) Enjoy stressing over what color crayon you should choose for your coloring page.

2) Whether it be coloring outside the lines or scribbling all over the page, create your own art because whatever you color or draw, people will smile brightly at you and call you the next “Picasso”. Relish in the compliments.

3) You eat those dunkaroos and fruit snacks like there’s no tomorrow. You lick that scrap of blue plastic of its funfetti frosting until it’s spotless. You do you boo.

4) Have as many tea parties you can. Dress your stuffed animals and dolls up and give them funny names.

5) Play with your food. Whether it be making weird animals noises with your animal crackers or weird food creations.

6) Challenge the other kids to Pokemon battles with your new deck of cards.

7) Make tons of different lanyards, mix funky colors with each other, and learn to make different patterns.

8) Have no shame of watching TV on Nick, Disney, or Cartoon Network for hours simultaneously while playing your Nintendo DS.

9) Use the excuse, “I didn’t know” as much as you can to get out of trouble. It always works.

10) Enjoy nap time. Appreciate nap time.

11) Slide down the playground slides and the metal obstacle poles continuously until your hands and your butt are burning from all the friction.

12) Inhale the burnt rubber and pungent fumes of the playground and concrete.

13) Experiment with your clothes. Pair your polka dotted Paul Frank T-shirt with your hot pink juicy trainers and your sparkly uggs. Own it and wear it confidently and proudly.

14) Yell, “JENGA” as loud as you can when the blocks fall down.

15) Don’t forget to take care of your Tamagotchis, and if you do forget and need to start over, use a sharp pointed pencil to press the restart button on the back.

16) Feel excited to see what toy you got in your happy meal and collect all of them until you complete the series.

17) Brain Quest is your best friend, so be thrilled to use them when you can.

18) Get a blank piece of paper and stamp the crap out of it with your colored Crayola Mini Stamper Markers.

19) Sniff those Mr. Sketch scented markers like there’s no tomorrow.

20) Forward as many chain mails you can to your friends. You don’t want the 7 years of bad luck, now do you?

21) Don’t complain about going to the computer labs every day to play with Kid Pix. If anything, use all the tools to create masterpieces. Use your imagination.

22) Appreciate the square cafeteria pizzas and big chocolate chip cookies.

23) Have a lot of fun on parachute and scooter days in gym.

24) Circle all the books you want on the monthly Scholastic book fair handouts.

25) Predict your future with the origami fortune tellers.

26) Watch movies from your VHS tapes.

27) Build your collection of Beanie Babies.

28) Be curious. Ask all the questions that come to mind.

29) Be fearless and don’t lose your sense of adventure.

30) Finally, don’t rush to grow up to be an adult. You’ve got years to do that, so enjoy all the craziness and fun as a kid.

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