14 Things Only Athletes Understand

    We did not choose this life. This life chose us.

    1. The anxiety you have while writing a paper at 2 am knowing you have a 5 am lift

    2. The anxiety when you hear that 5 am lift alarm... knowing you stayed up until 2 am writing that paper

    3. The physical pain you feel in your chest when coach says "everybody on the line"

    4. That feeling when coach sends a mass text that practice is cancelled

    5. Trying to stay awake in class is an extreme sport itself

    6. Walking up a flight of stairs after leg day is equivalent to climbing Mt. Everest

    7. Finding random bruises all over your body the day after a game

    8. The love-hate relationship we all have with ice baths

    9. Debating whether or not you should use that 20 minutes in-between class and practice to take a nap or eat

    10. Hungry. ALL. THE. TIME.

    11. Constantly getting dirty looks from the ladies at the nail salon because they are judging how ugly your toes are

    12. The anxiety when you have a missed call from your coach

    13. The actual hatred you have for NARPs

    14. ....Actually knowing what NARP stands for