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Things You Learn After Graduation

Millennials find comfort in a good internet thread of "post-graduation struggles" because, well, most of us have been there.

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Graduation day comes! You feel an array of emotions... relief, excitement, nostalgia?

I clearly remember feeling so many emotions as I was about to cross the stage with a GoPro in one hand and my heart in the other (metaphorically speaking of course.. that would be kinda unsanitary). The past five years at Chico State had been some of the most memorable and trying years of my life, but overall amazing. The future felt so promising, full of excitement and new possibilities. The summer quickly came, I packed 5 years worth of my belongings in my little Nissan Sentra and off I was to Southern California. The plan was to crash with my parents and start off with a good internship, work my way from there, and ultimately land the dream job. But along the way of "Thank you for applying" emails and some personal family matters, I began to learn a few things about transitioning after college. Throughout the months after crossing that stage, I realized that at 23 years old, the universe definitely had some very important life lessons in store for me.

Plans may fall through, and that's okay.

Somehow along the way of life we are told "fail to plan, plan to fail". Plans could be good, a backpacking trip,happy hour(I mean who doesn't enjoy some catching up over some margs?) However, when you realize you have no idea of what's next, you scramble and try and make sense of how or why there is no PLAN. Mine fell through the roof and over the mountains after personal matters and as I tried to sort through my thoughts and feelings, I kept coming back to the same thought of "your plans fell through, what now?" And truly, that ate away at me. But somewhere along the line of all the Google searches for inspirational daily quotes, I realized instead of seeing the no plans ordeal as a bad thing, why not see it as an opportunity to indulge in hobbies I'd never had time for before? I guess you could call it a switch of perception but hey, it's worth a try. And then again, it wont hurt to add some spontaneous events to your life.

You'll feel down sometimes, but your friends may be on the same boat too.

There was days I couldn't submit yet another application or watch another episode of Grey's Anatomy, and sure enough I would begin to miss those memorable college shenanigans. However, these were the times I would remind myself I wasn't alone. I'd spent the last 5 years meeting new people, befriending individuals that I hope will last me a lifetime... and all of a sudden I wasn't a room away from them anymore. It's important to reach out to your friends during these times because chances are, they may feel the same way you do. College became a cocoon for me, I had my friends, my job, my sorority, and soon enough that life chapter came to a close. It was time for another transition, and that was when I realized that transitions aren't supposed to be easy, they're meant to push for growth and that's not always smooth sailing. So why not have your friends along for the ride? Chances are you're helping each other along the way. So stay in touch, there's plenty of ways with apps such as FaceTime, Skype, Instagram, Snapchat, and.... (shall I go on?)

Change is inevitable, but it's what you make of it that counts.

Life is an ever changing cycle that continues whether we want it to or not. It could be easy to feel discourage when you don't land the job you really wanted or the internship that looked really promising. What could make this transition even more difficult is the relocating, the "real world" waiting for us to enter it's intimidating depths, and the distance from friends. However, it's important to remember that adapting will become easier everyday. We've already proved it to ourselves. Think about your first day in your dorm, or college classroom, barely knowing anyone and feeling out of place. That transition may have felt difficult at the time, but fast forward 4 years and here you are with a set of good people in your life and memories to last forever. So, embrace change, cause chances are something great will come from it.

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