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Editorial Intern - Why I Would Be The Perfect Fit

Thank you for your consideration.

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To my followers, I am known as the “story they look forward to opening” on Snapchat, or my "funny Instagram posts" due to my uncanny comedic references and daily jokes, a person who they relate to on a “millennial's daily struggles/probs” level. I am a young recent graduate with an approachable and relatable demeanor, with which I have maintained an active presence on various social media outlets and as a result have accumulated a sizable following. While one could say I am obsessed with social media and all of its glory, as I am an avid follower of Buzzfeed, I took my obsession to the next level by earning a degree in order to extensively study the ins and out of social media platforms. I have experience in successfully running social media platforms such as my Greek Organization which reflect through our recruitment numbers.

I am a highly organized individual capable of maintaining multiple responsibilities while never neglecting to succeed in whatever I am planning and doing. I am an person who cares about what work I provide and how I do it. Like I mentioned before, I consider myself to be approachable which not only entails my being friendly, but also someone who knows how to collaborate well with others. I enjoy a good laugh but also have impeccable timing as to when to get the job done. As a wanderlust type of person, I find myself always looking for what's next, and executing ideas that come about being a curious person. I strongly believe I am fit for this Internship as I am ready to learn how such a successful company thrives. I am a fast learner, motivated, friendly, but most importantly passionate, which is what I know would make me a strong candidate for this position.

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