You Know You Are Colombian When

If you look around, Colombians are everywhere. From fashion, to fútbol, we are there! Colombians unite!

1. Everytime you say you’re Colombia it goes something like this in your head.

2. Food = Lve

Your mom, aunt and grandma will show you how much they love you by making every kind of dish under the sun for any given occasion. It can be your high school graduation, your birthday, your kindergarten graduation, they day you get your driving license, or just a regular Thursday, you will eat your weight in food. And you will eat all of it. Nobody wants to break their grandma’s heart.
It’s like thanksgiving every single day.

3. On that note, you might be vegetarian impaired.

So. Much. Meat.

4. You have a big family

Or you have a bunch of additional family. People you grew up calling tío and primo even though they’re not actually related to you.

5. You know how many micro-Colombias there are.

You don’t need to leave the country to change completely where you are. We have the coastal one, the Caribbean one, the one with the coffee, the one with the jungle, the one in the mountains. And so on, and so forth.

6. You know that going from this:

Bogota D.C

7. To this, includes a 20-hour car ride and going down a canyon.

And you have done that trip with your parents, or you whole family.

8. We’re super romantic - Telenovela style

We cry, we suffer, we made huge declarations of love. I have a new topic for a whole new post!
(And that’s the original Ugly Betty)

9. We’re super polite, saying sorry, thank you and excúseme ALL-THE-TIME

It’s like we’re the Canadians of South America!

11. Just LOUDER

12. You know we’re not as Caribbean as people think we are.

We have all kinds of weather! Rain! Sun! Ok, mostly rain and sun in all its variation around the country, and in Bogota. You never know what you’re getting in this city.

13. You have a love/hate relationship with this

Aguardiente, or Fire Water. A derived liquid from sugarcane with a 60% of alcohol and an anise flavor to it. It will cure broken hearts, will make you braver, stonger and stupider.

14. You dance, even if you don’t really dance.

Hey! Our hips don’t lie!

15. Some people think this is what you do on your free time.

16. You know all Colombian women look like this

Not really.

17. But we come in all kinds of sizes and shapes!

You can be short OR tall, depending on where you’re visiting.

18. You’re super excited about qualifying for the 2013 World Cup.

Vamos Tigre! (Let’s not choke!)

19. You know you have an accent. And you like it.

Even in Colombia, depending on what part of the country you are originally come from, you will have a particular accent. And then you’ll meet other accented people. Hilarity will ensue.

20. You’re proud of your country. You love it and hope it only gets better.

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