Department Of Interior Has The Most Amazing Instragram Account That You Didn’t Know Off.

Also known as the “Department of Everything Else”, the department of Interior protects “America’s natural resources and heritage, honors our cultures and tribal communities, and supplies the energy to power our future.” It also administrates one of the most amazing Instagram account ever. You will want to ditch everything and go on an adventure. Just take a look.

DOI Instagram / Via

It will make you want to go on a hike to Canyonlands National Park, and witness “just another spring evening”

Instagram / Via

The Vermillion Cliffs, a 112,000 acre wilderness area, will show you just how awesome Arizona and Utah are.

DOI Instagram / Via

And, also, California. If stargazing is your thing, Piper Mountain Wilderness Area is perfect for you.

DOI Instagram / Via

For an east bound destination, check Acadia National Park with its unbeatable views of the Atlantic Ocean.

DOI Instagram / Via

Or you could go visit a volcano in Alaska.

DOI Instagram / Via

Go re-visit statues and memorials. Here is the Thomas Jefferson bronze statue being installed after the World War II era plaster copy was removed.

DOI Instagram / Via

DOI also has the perfect amount of cuteness

DOI Instagram / Via

Just look at this Great Horned Owl being great and nesting in a saguaro, a tree-sized cactus, at Saguaro National Park.

DOI Instagram / Via

And here are the Northern Lights dancing over Alaska

DOI Instagram. / Via

They even have a photo of an UFO! Or at least, one made out of clouds.

For more amazing photos go to the US’ Department of Interior Instagram account at

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