14 Things That Happened Last Time The Rolling Stones Were On Tour

The Rolling Stones announced yesterday their latest tour. This is how the world looked like when they went on their first tour, 50 years ago.

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General Hospital aired its first episode


The count is now up to 12,784 episodes aired and going up. It holds the Guinness Records for longest-running American soap opera currently in production, and the third worldwide.

Iron Man and X Men were introduced

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Tony Stark makes his big escape from the evil Wong-Chu in Vietnam via armor suit and the students of the School for Gifted Youngsters in Westchester County, New York get summoned up by Charles Xavier to fight Magneto.

The Beatles recorded and released their debut album "Please, Please Me".


Ten of the fourteen tracks were recorded in a single day, February 11.

This record sent The Beatles to the top of the charts in the UK and, later on, to the world.

And this is what the Stones looked like.


The 50 & Counting tour is set to start in early May in Los Angeles. The Stones are coming to a city near you! (If you're located in Oakland, San Jose, Las Vegas, Anaheim, Toronto, Chicago, Boston or Philadelphia.)

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