11 Reasons You’d Be A Terrible Doctor

Medicine is a noble and important practice. But let’s be real, being a doctor isn’t for everyone. Especially you. Shall we review the evidence?

1. You can’t stand the sight of blood.

Yours or anyone else’s.

2. Or strange looking body parts.

3. You SUCK at Operation.

It’s a slippery slope.

4. You slept through college. You’ll sleep through med school.

5. You hate to read.

Unless Morris Fishbein M.D. turns out to be J.K. Rowling. Then you LOVE to read.

6. Cadavers

Enough said.

7. You’re terrible at delivering bad news.

8. And your bedside manner could use some work.

9. You get to see lots of people naked… most of whom you’d never want to see naked.

10. There’s not as much steamy doctor-on-doctor sex as Grey’s Anatomy would lead you to believe.

11. You hate visiting the doctor’s office. Now you’d work there.

Don’t want to be a doctor anymore? It’s cool. There’s always law. I mean, anything’s possible.

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