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16 Reasons Why You Should Hire Me

YAASS EMPLOYERS YAAAAS. Also, cover letters are overrated, right?

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Betty Who is one of my favorite artists and I think she really encompasses that fun, effervescent spirit I possess.

3. I’m great at content, campaign and event creation.

All that I worked on during college with my internships, involvement and classwork. I worked a bit with e-commerce and all my creativity blends well with my excellent verbal and written communication.

10. 98% of my time is spent on social


Chances are, I'm glued to my phone/computer because I have an obsession about needing to know about everything that's going on in the world.

I look for any ways to figure out what's trending and going on in the world and apply it to any projects if it calls for it.

11. Some might consider me a nice blend of objective/analytical and creative/eccentric

I do the thorough research necessary and getting all the pertinent information before beginning the creative portion of a project/campaign

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