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    • jrob

      I will say it again. He has the highest ratings for 20 years because he is funny. Only the wacko liberals hate him for exposing the truth. They hate the truth. Liberals can poke fun and lie about anyone they want and he expose the truth why NBC as well as other liberal networks are failing and the liberal hyocrites now hate their money maker Jay. When will you people learn America hates liberals and love Jay! Liberals always twist the truth to suit their lie! We are sick of your govt propaganda and that’s why the New york times is failing as well as NBC. Free advice. No Charge you fools!

    • jrob

      The only people who hate Leno are the liberal hypocrites who can’t stand the truth. He’s the only one bringing ratings to a failed liberal network because most normal people can’t stand the lies of a failed liberal ideology who can poke fun at everyone else except themselves. People hate liberals and love Jay you ass backwards people. Tell the truth for once in your life!

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