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In Which Shonda Rhimes Show Do You Belong In?

Are you a doctor? A student that covers up a crime, or are you involved in a political scandal? No matter what the results are it is guaranteed that you will suffer and lose a loved one.

Jorgiieee • 4 years ago

Did One Tree Hill Have A Forshadow We Did Not See?

One Tree Hill ended its run 3 years ago on the CW. After 9 seasons of high school, times jumps, kidnaps, hostage situations, shootings, break ups, love triangles and weddings the show ended with a pretty satisfying ending. But did it give us a hint about what happened with one of the shows favorite friendships?

Jorgiieee • 4 years ago

How Unlucky Were You In 2014?

For some of us this was not our year and could not be happier that it is almost over. But how unlucky were you really? Lets find out!

Jorgiieee • 4 years ago

Which Power Rangers Series Do You Belong In?

Is it Mighty Morphin Time or Go Galactic? Which team would you fit in perfectly?

Jorgiieee • 4 years ago

Do You Have What It Takes To Work At Olivia Pope & Associates?

Fill out this job application and see if you should be Olivia Pope's newest gladiator.

Jorgiieee • 4 years ago

12 Signs You Graduated And Still Have Friends Going To College

Congratulations! You are done with your undergraduate career, but now summer is ending and you are not going to grad school or any school for that matter, but that doesn’t mean everyone else isn’t either.

Jorgiieee • 5 years ago