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25 DIY Ways To Get Ready For "Catching Fire"

These crafty Tributes are definitely ready for the opening of Catching Fire this week.

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3. You Guys! Hand Cut Mockingjay Maple Leaf

An Xacto knife, a raid of the neighborhood leaf piles, and some award-winning patience could get you this mockingjay carving. So could Fine Oddity's shop. The latter would probably save you some eye twitching.

5. Video Shortcut to Some More Seriously Over-The-Top Cupcakes

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In seven minutes you can learn how to make My Cupcake Addiction's amazingly straightforward cakes, and your friends will think it's total witchcraft.


8. More Hunger Games Cookies

You can never have too many cookies. Whoever tells you otherwise is a liar and a Capitol-sympathizer. We really love what Brownie Bites did here, and the directions are super easy to translate at home.

9. Origami Mockingjay

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We can't think of a good reason not to make this.

11. Arrow Pillows

Amelie and Atticus screen printed arrows onto fabric and created these crazy-chic Hunger Games-inspired throw pillows. If you're not into screen printing get out your applique or fabric painting skills to make your own.



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