25 DIY Ways To Get Ready For "Catching Fire"

    These crafty Tributes are definitely ready for the opening of Catching Fire this week.

    1. Hunger Games Dessert Table

    2. Arena Embroidery

    3. You Guys! Hand Cut Mockingjay Maple Leaf

    4. Seriously Over-the-Top Cupcakes

    5. Video Shortcut to Some More Seriously Over-The-Top Cupcakes

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    In seven minutes you can learn how to make My Cupcake Addiction's amazingly straightforward cakes, and your friends will think it's total witchcraft.

    6. Mockingjay Brownie Stencil

    7. Hunger Games Cookies

    8. More Hunger Games Cookies

    9. Origami Mockingjay

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    We can't think of a good reason not to make this.

    10. Cardstock Arrows

    11. Arrow Pillows

    12. Girl On Fire Hair Comb

    13. The Belvedere District 12 Cocktail

    14. Mellark's Bakery Goat Cheese And Apple Tarts

    15. Katniss's Arena Groosling Soup

    16. PVC Bow And Arrow

    17. Popsicle Stick and Q-Tip Bow and Arrow

    18. Mockingjay Jack-O-Lantern

    19. 1:12 Scale Hunger Games Feast

    20. Arrow Bobby Pins

    21. I Shop The Hob Tote

    22. District 9 Coal Necklace

    23. Mockingjay T-Shirt

    24. District 12 Manicure

    25. Ring On Fire