29 Design Lessons We Learned From Domino Magazine

    Domino Magazine was basically Pinterest before there was Pinterest. And I couldn't be happier that it's back in print.

    1. You can never have too many picture frames.

    2. Or just photos in general.

    3. Paint your ceilings.

    4. Surround yourself with books.

    5. Fuchsia walls are 100% acceptable.

    6. Classic French decor doesn't have to be stuffy.

    7. Paint it black.

    8. Your old brown couch can still look good with the right wallpaper.

    9. Use open storage in the kitchen.

    10. Mix and match your art.

    11. Take inspiration from the movies.

    12. Make your backyard as special as the inside of your home.

    13. Hoarding can be elegant.

    14. Decorate all the way to the ceiling.

    15. Light fixtures can make the room.

    16. Nurseries don't need to be pink or blue.

    17. A fireplace doesn't have to be functional.

    18. Don't be afraid of patterns.

    19. Your shoes can and should be part of your decor.

    20. A pop of color is everything.

    21. And come to think of it, so is Pop of Cat.

    22. Always use stripes.

    23. Paint the front door.

    24. Think green

    25. Primary colors are unexpectedly modern in a kitchen.

    26. Always consider the unexpected.

    27. Beige doesn't have to be boring.

    28. Display collections of things.

    As random as they may be.

    29. Lastly, tell a story.