19 Pregnancy Lifesavers That Will Help You Survive Your First Trimester

    A couple of weeks after you find out you're pregnant, the joy wears off and reality sets in. It is hard work growing a person, and the first trimester can be a brutal introduction. These tips will help you keep your sanity.

    1. Coconut, coconut, coconut.

    2. Invest in lots of ginger Altoids.

    3. Learn how to dress.

    4. Get a Bellaband.

    5. Find creative ways to stay hydrated.

    6. Check your skin care.

    7. Buy this pillow.

    8. Keep a dream journal.

    9. Get prenatal massages — as many as you can afford.

    10. Always be prepared to barf.

    11. Try Tai Chi.

    12. Get the Baby Bargains book.

    13. Take a hard look at your shoes.

    14. Consider Acupuncture

    15. Think about your bras.

    16. Look into grocery delivery.

    17. Rent a fetal doppler.

    18. Don't give up those manicures.

    19. Watch out for pregnancy books and websites.

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