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    17 Mind-Blowing Desserts That Combine Chocolate And Avocado

    A match made in dessert heaven.

    1. Avocado Chocolate Mousse Tart

    The Viet Vegan / Via

    2. Avocado Chocolate Truffles

    Feasting Not Fasting / Via

    3. Double Chocolate Avocado Cookies

    Everyday Maven / Via

    4. Chocolate Banana Pudding

    Cocoa Bean, The Vegetable / Via

    5. Healthy Avocado Brownies

    The Healthy Maven / Via

    6. Vegan Dark Chocolate Fudgsicles

    Food Doodles / Via

    7. Healthy Chocolate Avocado Muffins

    She Bakes Here / Via

    8. No-Bake Mini Chocolate Tarts

    But Can She Bake / Via

    9. Chocolate Avocado Mini Doughnuts

    Food Fanatic / Via

    10. Raw Mint Chocolate Protein Mousse

    Honey And Figs / Via

    11. Chocolate Avocado Pound Cake

    The Sassy Life / Via

    12. Creamy Chocolate Soft Serve Avocado Ice Cream

    Half Baked Harvest / Via

    13. Avocado Dark Chocolate Madeleines

    A Brown Table / Via

    14. Healthier Chocolate Fruit Dip

    Cookie Monster Cooking / Via

    15. Vegan Chocolate Mousse Bites

    Cookes to Kale / Via

    16. Avocado and Chocolate Smoothie

    Sweet and Savoury Pursuits / Via

    17. Avocado Mint Cream Bars

    Eat Good 4 Life / Via