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10 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Most People

Charlie Brown & Snoopy were onto something.

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1. They greet you like you're the most important person in the world.

Hello, pawparazzi!

2. They don't take hours to answer your texts or phone calls.

If you call their name, they run over immediately. Tail wagging and everything!

3. They're always willing to lend a hand.

Well, paw.

4. They don't judge you for your eating habits.

If anything, they're always down to share.

5. They make excellent cuddle buddies.

Snuggling with a pup is way better than an electric blanket or body pillow.

6. They look great in every photo.

No forcing you to retake pictures because they blinked or it wasn't their "good side."

7. They listen to your problems without complaining or interrupting.

Unless it's to lick your face.

8. They're a guaranteed workout buddy.

You get exercise. They get exercise. It's a win-win.

You get exercise. They get exercise. It's a win-win.

9. They follow your commands.

Sit, stay, lay down. Hey, at least someone does everything you ask.

10. Their upbeat attitude is contagious.

Seriously, look at that face and try not to smile. I dare you!

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