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You Can't Buy Non-McDonalds Fries At The Olympics Unless You Get Fish Too

Olympic sponsorships are weird.

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Olympic sponsorships are a huge deal. Companies pay millions of dollars so that their food is enjoyed (or bought) by Olympic athletes and spectators alike. But part of that money also ensures that in some cases their food is the only option. Apparently that is the case this year with McDonald's french fries. If you want fried potatoes, the arches are your only choice. But there is an exception. Fish and chips is a staple of English cuisine, so organizers made sure that was still available, but they do anticipate a bit of a problem.

Don't you DARE ask the fish and chips guy for just chips, because you are not going to get them, DAMMIT. I like that this issue is so serious that they felt the need to include both, "Please do not give the staff grief, this will only led (sic) to us removing fish and chips completely," and "Everyone has the right to work in a non abusive environment." Like in case their first appeal not to be a dick didn't work on you, they had a grander philosophical argument against dickhood ready to go.