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    Why Did Ubaldo Jimenez Throw At His Former Teammate Yesterday?

    Former Rockies ace Ubaldo Jimenez hit current Rockies star Troy Tulowitzki with a pitch during a Spring Training game yesterday. Why would the former teammates have bad blood?

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    Possible Reasons Jimenez and Tulowitzki Dislike Each Other:

    • Jimenez resents having to move to Cleveland, while Tulo gets to hang out in Denver, which is a secretly awesome city.

    • Tulo kept making fun of Jimenez's receding hairline, by using his first name (Ubaldo) to make puns. Ubaldo hates puns.

    • Ubaldo Jimenez always made fun of Tulowitzki for having a weird name.

    • They actually don't, but they figured this was the only way the Rockies or Indians would get on SportsCenter for a while.

    • Jimenez didn't get a contract extension from the Rockies when Tulowitzki did, and Ubaldo has misdirected his resentment toward the Rockies shortstop.*

    • Did I mention that Ubaldo has to live in Cleveland?

    • Tulo keeps complaining that Jimenez's terrible 2011 cost him his fantasy league.

    *This is the actual reason.