Which NBA Star Has The Most Embarrassing High School Photo?

The hunt through the awkwardness begins!

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17. Derrick Rose


Derrick Rose has only been out of high school for a few years, and he hasn't aged a day since he was there. Like at all. Like this photo could have accompanied that GQ profile from a couple weeks ago.

Awkward Score: 0/10

Verdict: Not embarrassing.

16. Kobe Bryant


Like rose, Kobe looks almost exactly the same. Only difference? He's been out of high school for 16 years. It's eerie how little he's changed.

Awkward Score: 1/10 (But only because he may be a vampire, which would be awkward.)

Verdict: Not embarrassing, but a little bit terrifying.

13. Tyson Chandler


Tyson Chandler (much like myself) really needs that beard. Otherwise he looks like an overgrown fetus.

Awkward Score: 3/10

Verdict: Slightly baby-faced, but not too embarrassing.

12. Paul Pierce


Paul had some great '90s hair going on, but there's nothing better than that hugely baggy t-shirt. Otherwise nothing to be embarrassed about.

Awkward Score: 4/10

Verdict: Baggy shirts aren't a good look. Slightly embarrassing.

11. Joakim Noah


Joakim's high school photo is pretty okay actually. He looks younger and maybe a bit like a girl thanks to his long hair, but not bad for a dude who constantly looks bizarre these days.

High School Awkward Score: 4.5/10

Today Awkward Score: N/A (He broke the meter.)

Verdict: That headband and the long hair would be slightly embarrassing to anyone but Noah (just look at him now).

10. Dwyane Wade


This one's tough. On one hand baby Wade looks a lot like Urkel. On the other, this photo is badass, and you can only be so embarrassed about a photo this cool.

Awkward Score: 5/10

Verdict: Urkel-ness equals slightly embarrassing.

9. Steve Nash


I'm pretty sure that trophy is bigger than Steve. He gets a break though, because this wasn't nearly his most embarrassing look.

Awkward Score: 5.5/10

Verdict: Slightly embarrassing, because he's a senior in high school and looks 11.

8. LeBron James And Carmelo Anthony


So we have to score these two separately.

LeBron Awkward Score: 4/10 (Look at his still-dominant hairline! Plus he looks pretty uncomfortable next to Melo, though I'm not sure we can blame him.)

Melo Awkward Score: 6/10 (Pauly D's hair from Jersey Shore. That's all you need to know.)

Verdict: Melo's hair and LeBron's current lack of it has this in the slightly embarrassing zone.

6. Dirk Nowitzki


Like many young men, Dirk fell for the butt cut. I blame boy bands for making people think this was a legitimate way to style your hair.

Awkward Score: 6.5/10

Verdict: Definitely embarrassing.

5. Kevin Garnett


It's unclear if he's wearing a clock around his neck or the Mercedes logo (Edited To Add: or a super blingy version of the Jordan logo). Either way that's a bad look. Either he's literally the biggest Flavor Flav fan that's ever existed or the biggest douchebag. I mean 6 foot 11. That's big.

Awkward Score: 7/10

Verdict: What's on your neck KG?! Don't be a douche. Embarrassing.

4. Andrew Bynum

Flickr: mcdonaldsallamericangames

Andrew Bynum is so young that it's easy to forget that he's been in the league for seven years. A lot can change in seven years. For instance you can stop looking like Fat Albert.

Awkward Score: 7.5/10

Verdict: I'll just put this here again.

3. Marc Gasol


Marc Gasol is one of the best Centers in the NBA, and a defensive force inside. But that doesn't mean puberty wasn't rough on him.

Awkward Score: 8.5/10

Verdict: Hugely (pun-intended) embarrassing.

2. Pau Gasol


Note: Though Pau was not in High school here, he was just 18.

Bleach! Another look to blame on the boy bands. Pau, Kobe wanted you to be the Black Swan when you were acting like the White Swan. But he wanted me to tell you that he definitely never wants you to be the Yellow Swan.

Awkward Score: 9/10

Verdict: The only thing more embarrassing than this picture is the fact that it's worse than his brother's.

1. Jason Kidd


The hat! The braces! The pose! The bed of letters! Ladies and gentlemen, never has a man looked quite as dorky while taking a photo that is supposed to illustrate how good he is at something. This includes chess masters.

Awkward Score: 15/10 (Still not as bad as the modern Noah, but bad.)

Verdict: Gigantically, hugely, endearingly embarrassing.

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